There are a few different dental procedures that can help you get out of pain. This depends on the cause of discomfort and the health status of your tooth. Fillings, root canals, and sometimes an extraction are a few of the most common treatments.

Fillings: If your pain is caused by a small cavity, a filling would be the most common dental repair. When you have a tooth filled, your dentist will numb the area, remove the decay, and replace it with a filling.

Extraction: There are two different types of extractions, simple and surgical. A simple extraction is performed when the tooth is above the gum-line and can be removed with a lifter or forceps. A surgical extraction is a little more complicated. It requires an incision into the gum in order to get the tooth out.

Root Canals: A root canal procedure is performed if the tooth nerve pain is due to infection or decay. During a root canal, your dentist will remove the damaged nerve and pulp inside the tooth, clean the area, and seal it. Remember, the nerves inside your tooth are not essential for a healthy tooth function.

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