Here are just a few fun facts you can learn from, considering the fact it plays a big role in your oral health.


– You could potentially produce enough saliva to fill two bathtubs a year!

Saliva production varies depending on the person, but on average most people produce about .7 liters of saliva per day which is enough to fill two medium sized bathtubs a year.


-Saliva protects teeth and gums which helps lubricate the mouth.

Saliva washes away any foods or bad bacterias in your mouth! This can prevent disease and tooth decay.


-Food molecules must dissolve in saliva in order to be recognized by taste buds.

Your food must be covered in saliva in order to enjoy the amazing flavor it contains.


-When you are nervous saliva production may reduce.

Saliva flow is controlled by the nervous system. It is common to experience less saliva production when you suffer from anxiety or fear.


Saliva production in your mouth is very important! Without it, we couldn't taste foods, or have protection against tooth decay.

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