The Importance Of Saliva

A healthy adult produces about three pints of saliva each day. It plays a very important part in maintaining your physical and oral health. Don't hesitate to talk to your dentist if you do suffer from dry mouth.

Saliva serves many purposes. It can help your body digest using the enzymes it contains and can also make it easier to talk. Studies show that many people who experience stage fright associated with dry mouth while giving a presentation or speech.

Saliva also helps prevent tooth decay by washing away food and debris from the mouth. You cannot taste food fully until it is coated in saliva. It also makes it easier to swallow. Minerals found in saliva also help repair small tooth decay as well. It is very important to produce a healthy amount of saliva if you have any concerns at all contact your dentist!

Dangers Of Dry Mouth

Everyone, at some time or another, experiences dry mouth, also called “xerostomia.” It usually occurs when you get nervous, upset, stressed, or sometimes because of the medications you may be taking. If you experience dry mouth often it can create serious consequences towards your oral health.

Dry mouth irritates the soft tissues in the mouth, which can make them inflamed and more prone to infection. Without the cleansing effects of saliva, tooth decay and other oral health problems become much more common.


Regular dental checkups are important. At each appointment, report any medications you are taking and other information about your health. An updated health history can help identify the cause of your dry mouth.

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